The Hangashore

A is for angishore,/Weak, puny chap;/When the men go out fishing,/He goes for a nap.
1983 DAWE & FICKENhumptydumpty

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angishore n also angashore, angyshore, hangashore
An aspirate [h] is frequently pronounced initially in words beginning with vowels; therefore this Irish loan angishore is often pronounced and spelled hangashore, and this in turn has been reinterpreted by folk etymology.
   1 A weak, sickly person; an unlucky person deserving pity; freq preceded by poor.
   2 A man regarded as too lazy to fish; a worthless fellow, a sluggard; a rascal; sometimes merges with sense 3.
   3 An idle, mischievous child or person; SLEEVEEN.
                                                                            -Dictionary of Newfoundland English
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